Cavaliers of Mars Gen Con demo kit! [Cavaliers of Mars]

(Update: An earlier version of this post lacked the actual link. Oops, and fixed!) Hi, folks! I ran demos of Cavaliers at Mars at our booth throughout Gen Con, and the Wrecking Crew did the same thing in our game room. We had a blast playing the game with folks, and I thought I’d share the … Read more

Vampire: The Requiem update

Hello, everyone. I’ve been quite busy the last few months, with a lot of books and drafts whizzing by back and forth. I’ll keep this fairly short, because I’m going to have more to say on most of these after Gen Con. (See below for more Gen Con stuff.) Secrets of the Covenants Since we … Read more

Demon: The Descent update (and Gen Con note)

Hi, everyone. I thought I’d give you a quick Demon update before Gen Con. Prestige Edition Kickstarter copies: Being shipped from the printer to the fulfillment company. Heirs to Hell: Out! Flowers of Hell – The Demon Player’s Guide: Out in PDF, PoD being proofed this week. Splintered City – Seattle: In layout. Demon Anthology + Interface: In layout. … Read more

Preview: The First Estate (plus other news)

The First Estate It’s a lot of money, isn’t it? More than you’ve ever had, I think. And it’s all yours if only you won’t tell. Part manorial lords, part men in black, the Invictus safeguard the Masquerade. Vampiric secrecy is the absolute highest of all concerns. In order to protect it, the Invictus must … Read more