The Long Solo [Vampire: The Requiem]

Hi, folks! As the new year begins, we’re in the final stages of development on A Thousand Years of Night. One of the big points of this project is to provide frameworks for making history meaningful in your games. And something I love in vampire media is flashback scenes that show us our elders in previous lifetimes. … Read more

Hunter: The Vigil 2nd Edition Open Call and Thoughts on Hiring

Hello! Today, I want to talk about the Hunter: The Vigil Second Edition, and run through some of the decisions I’ll be weighing as I review candidates. I want to share with you what my thought processes are, too, so you understand some of the responsibilities I have as the developer for this game line. … Read more

Hurt Locker: Psychic Vampires

Hey everybody. I’m wrapping up work on Hurt Locker, just about to send it to editing (probably later this week, or this weekend). Last week, I shared two pretty specific template character types, one based on strange luck, and one based on radical pacifism. This week, I’m sharing a much more general template, one for … Read more

Hunter 2E Open Dev: Tier Two Compacts and Globalization

Last time, I kicked off Hunter the Vigil 2E featuring the Slasher Chronicle’s Open Dev by diving into Ashwood Abbey and how this compact might be presented in the 2nd Edition corebook in my post titled Slashers and Ashwood Abbey. First and foremost, I want to thank everybody for commenting and participating in the discussion … Read more

Hurt Locker: More Templates

Hey all, It’s been a while. I’ve been away. Been busy. Been dealing with things. All that. Anyway, I’m just about to wrap on Hurt Locker, and Changeling: The Lost – Second Edition. I’m basically in the phase of Hurt Locker where I’m knitting drafts together, filling in blanks, applying some notes from my play testers, and … Read more