Jim’s Group: The Bus Rolls On

Matt’s Notes: So, here we introduce a concept in Demon that hasn’t gotten a lot of attention yet: Interlocks. In keeping with our ongoing policy of not waggling our fingers and going “It’s a spooooooooky seeeeeeecret!” when new stuff comes up, I’m going to leave this text largely unaltered, but I’m not going to provide a lot … Read more

Demon Playtest: Jim’s Group – Subtle Like a Bus

Playtest #3 – Putting the “b” in “Subtle” The session started with us going over what various characters did during the afternoon apart. Dice did a few runs in her job as a messenger, while keeping an ear to the street to see if anyone was talking about the Ramirez murder. Things were (perhaps unusually) … Read more

Demon: Tautology Forecast, part 2

Part one here. So, the demons got together and realized that we have a Burned demon and a soul pact. Well, that’s a match made in Hell, right there. Lucia Sparks, it seems, dies tonight (or rather, has her marker called in). Krispie and Harriet do a little research and find that Lucia Sparks lives in … Read more

Playtest: How an Angel Dies, Part 2

Part one is here. All rules and conditions (not Conditions) still apply. Before we started, I told the players something that their characters would have noticed last time, but that I hadn’t mentioned: the George Washington Bridge is Infrastructure. All of it. That must have been a recent thing (existing structures can become Infrastructure, and in … Read more

Demon: Tautology Forecast

We actually played this session a couple of weeks ago, but I was missing some information I needed to post it, so here ya go. We played the second session last night, complete with combat, Hellfire-belching guns, time-and-space warping dogs, and soul annihilation, but I’ll write that up later today. Some Monday, we played a … Read more

Eric’s Group’s Playtest: Final Session Where Things Explode

Session #4 Intellectually, Hugo can’t really disagree with Agent Jackson. Kidnapping one’s lawyer in the middle of the night, sticking him in the truck of your car, and bringing him back to your lab would qualify as unusual behavior under any ordinary circumstances. Bonus weirdness points for that lab being legally forbidden from operating due … Read more

Jim’s Group Playtest: In My Pocket

Not meaning to suggest that Jim’s group is literally in my pocket, just…well, read on, you’ll get it. Here’s session one, just to keep it straight. Demon: The Rashomon Playtest Report Jim Fisher’s Group  The next morning after the run-in with agents of the God Machine on the Strip, the ring got some breakfast at … Read more

Actual Play(test): Demon: The Eric’s Group, part 2

Session #2 Alexandra and Fiona have other things they need to do to protect their interests, so they bow out of the team refrigerator raid. Engelbert agrees to help Hugo’s search and goes back to the city with him. Alexandra, meanwhile, returns to the police station to see if there is any news on that … Read more