Wraith: The Oblivion

Two decades after Wraith: The Oblivion’s debut, the storm is still raging. Oblivion still hungers to devour all of existence. And for every soul still bound to existence by the Fetters of their former life, there is still a chance to make things right — or to be devoured by the darkness. This is the world of Wraith, where dead souls who still have unfinished business in the lands of the living find themselves dwelling in the Shadowlands of the world they once knew, driven to protect that which mattered to them in life while facing the challenges of their new existence. The empire of the dead, from its island citadel in the heart of an eternal tempest, demands obedience from every soul. Malevolent ghosts tainted by the power of Oblivion crawl through holes in reality to try to drag others down with them. And in the back of every wraith’s head is their Shadow, the seductive voice that wants only to lead them to destruction.

Now, the 20th anniversary edition of the storytelling game of passion and horror invites you to once again cross the barrier between life and death. From the halls of eternal Stygia, where the Deathlords rule with soulsteel-mailed fists, to the ever-changing tunnels of the Labyrinth, where slumbering Malfeans dream the gods of dead empires, from the forbidden lands of the Dark Empire of Jade to the mean streets of the Shadowlands, where centurions man Citadel ramparts against Maelstrom winds and the Spectres that ride them — welcome back to an Underworld as big as human history and as deadly as Oblivion.

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