The Elemental Aura (Dragon-Blooded, pt. 2) [Exalted]

Hi, folks. 🙂 Rose here, with the next Dragon-Blooded preview from Eric and Robert. This time, we dig into one of their unique mechanics, the Elemental Aura. The Elemental Aura A Dragon-Blooded can unlock the greatest heights of her power by entering into an Elemental Aura state, centering her Essence around a single element. Some … Read more

Dragon-Blooded Charms preview! [Exalted]

Hey y’all. Vance here, with a preview from our upcoming book Dragon-Blooded: What Fire Has Wrought. Keeping in mind that this isn’t final draft material and is still subject to significant change, let’s dive into our first preview for the Dragon-Blooded Charms. Dragon-Blooded Charms are drawn from their Abilities, like the Solars, but in addition, … Read more

A walk in the Hedge [Changeling: The Lost]

Hi, folks, Rose here. ^_^ Today, I’d like to share more about the fundamentals of the Changeling setting through an excerpt from Chapter 2, covering the Hedge and the beings who live there. Without further ado…. The Hedge The Hedge is always around the edges of the mundane world. In the lonely places, where yours is … Read more

Goblin Contracts [Changeling: The Lost]

Hi, folks! As mentioned on the forums, I’m picking up development on Changeling: The Lost, Second Edition. I’ll be joined by frequent Chronicles of Darkness writer Meghan Fitzgerald. Today, I’d like to preview Goblin Contracts and the Goblin Debt they encourage you to rack up. As the team was discussing how to implement them in the new edition, … Read more

The Long Solo [Vampire: The Requiem]

Hi, folks! As the new year begins, we’re in the final stages of development on A Thousand Years of Night. One of the big points of this project is to provide frameworks for making history meaningful in your games. And something I love in vampire media is flashback scenes that show us our elders in previous lifetimes. … Read more

Faces of Mars [Cavaliers of Mars]

The big news goes up front: as of last week, Cavaliers of Mars is in editing (with Dixie Cochran) and art direction (with Mike Chaney)! The art notes for this book are particularly extensive. We’re building a whole new world, so that means tons of detailed description and reference pictures. A lot of that reference material … Read more

Life on Mars [Monday Meeting Notes]

Hi, folks. Rose here, filling in for Rich. ^_^ A lot of the Monday crew are traveling back from conventions today, so we didn’t technically have a meeting, we just sent stuff back and forth in a Skype chat room. It’s very curious to feel like you’ve been left alone in the office when you work … Read more

Cavaliers of Mars Gen Con demo kit! [Cavaliers of Mars]

(Update: An earlier version of this post lacked the actual link. Oops, and fixed!) Hi, folks! I ran demos of Cavaliers at Mars at our booth throughout Gen Con, and the Wrecking Crew did the same thing in our game room. We had a blast playing the game with folks, and I thought I’d share the … Read more

An Interlude: Ghosts and Their Ways [Cavaliers of Mars]

Hi, folks! We’re gearing up for Gen Con, and I’m working furiously on the demo for Cavaliers of Mars. I’d love to see you at our booth (#1201), and maybe we can even roll a few dice together. ^_^ On Saturday of the con at 3:00 PM, Eddy, Rich, and I will be hosting a Pugmire/Cavaliers of Mars … Read more