Demon: The Descent update (and Gen Con note)

Hi, everyone. I thought I’d give you a quick Demon update before Gen Con. Prestige Edition Kickstarter copies: Being shipped from the printer to the fulfillment company. Heirs to Hell: Out! Flowers of Hell – The Demon Player’s Guide: Out in PDF, PoD being proofed this week. Splintered City – Seattle: In layout. Demon Anthology + Interface: In layout. … Read more

Demon: The Descent updates

Between Matt, Mike, and me, things have been pretty busy on the Demon front. I’ve got to leave my office and the Internet for a week, but I wanted to provide a quick update on current projects before I do. (This is cross-posted on the Demon Kickstarter page.) Flowers of Hell, the Player’s Guide is out in PDF. I’m outlining the Storyteller’s Guide. While I’m … Read more