Messengers and Vocal Embeds

A demon’s Incarnation is his original function in the service of the God-Machine. Some angels walked battlefields with bladed wings dipped in blood, others protected humans without rest… until the moment of their appointed doom. Today, we take a look at the Messengers and the Vocal Embeds they wield. Once, you were a Trumpet. A living … Read more

Help me name a power – Named!

EDIT: YOU FOLKS ARE AWESOME! There were lots of good suggestions, some very literate, some very computer-y, some flowery, some nice and simple. In the end, we went with “Last Place You Look,” because it’s a nice description of what the power does and it fits the naming convention we’ve established. So, thanks very much … Read more

Something other than Actual Play: “Balance”

I feel like I owe you all something beyond playtest reports, although those have been generating some good responses. OK, so, we all know that demons have demonic forms, and those forms have power associated with them. You’ve seen demons using Wings, Clairvoyant Sight, Teleportation, and so forth; these are all form powers. Demons also … Read more