Mummy: The Curse Kickstarter starts tomorrow

As noted in today’s Monday Meeting notes, the Mummy: The Curse Kickstarter will begin at noon Eastern Time on December 18. Rich says: Now, we are doing something a bit different with this one and I want to explain it a bit here: unlike the last three Kickstarters we have done, this one doesn’t start out as … Read more

One week left on Werewolf20 Deluxe Kickstarter!

We’re entering the home stretch now, with one week to go in the Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Kickstarter. As I write this, according to the KS tracker in the sidebar to the right, we’re at 289% of our original $85,000 goal, with $246,444 pledged and 1,459 backers. We’ve passed eight different stretch goals … Read more

Vampire Info Update

So, what’s happening with Vampire right now? • The V20 Companion is in its final compilation stages. Now that the Kickstarter funding has concluded, we’re collecting the relevant pieces of information that we offered as rewards for the tiers and integrating that into the texts. For example, I’ve written some players into a few examples of … Read more

V20 Prestige Print Run

If you haven’t heard yet, we’ve got news regarding the V20 Companion. In particular, we’re using Kickstarter to help finance a prestige print run of the book. Response to the limited Grande Masquerade edition of V20 was so positive, and we heard so many times that players wanted to be able to find other limited-edition copies … Read more